My projects

On this homepage you can view all my privatly developed hardware and software projects.

Over the years I worked on several topics and learned many new things. In most cases I used the C/C++ programming language. For everything around MS-Access I used VBA. For the programming of the DIN 1451 tool, also JavaScript was used, in order to get better partabiliy across operating systems.

Since I do all the programming as a hobby, you can make me happy by using my software or parts of it. Unfortunately I am not able to offer any support for using the software or the source code. For the same reason there is not spare time for supporting a wiki or blogs. If anybody finds the provided data, information or software useful, please feel free to write me a PM.
Mails with questions or proposals will be answered if possible, but it may take some weeks to do so.

Please obey the license conditions included in the respective download conditions.
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